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Friday, September 9, 2011

The Last Post

A few final words and pictures

Bouldering in the Buttermilks...

Looking back over the last 18 days, here are a few things that we learned.

1.  Satelite radio can be a good thing in the right hands.  18 days of the "boneyard" is a bit too much.  New rule - Dan is not allowed to have the controls of the radio.

2.  115 degrees is hot - dry heat or not!

3.  Kids are much more adaptable than we generally give them credit for, we are very proud of Victoria and Tommy.  New adventures now await them and us.

4.  Yes, you can pack all your camping gear, clothes, and electronic gear in four back packs and four duffel bags.  The only thing (toiletries aside) we bought on the road was a cooler that we donated at the end of the trip.

5.  Going off the grid every once in a while is a great thing.  Going off the grid can also be very annoying especially when you want to check on a reservation or the weather.

7.  Four days without showers creates some very dirty people, washcloth bathes or not.  Baby wipes do help, but you are still are very, very dirty.

8.  Coffee early in the morning at the campsite is a wonderful thing.

9.  California is an amazing place to visit! 

10.  And last but not least, we have the best family and friends.  Thank you all that helped us on the road, and at home.  Without you we couldn't have had this great trip.

So until the next adventure....

The Force Las Vegas Style

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

the last post from the road....

This is it, in a few hours we will be home.  These last 18 days has been an incredible adventure.  We have reconnected with old friends, played at some of the greatest places on earth, and created memories that will last a life time.

So the last time I posted we were packing up and getting ready to leave Bishop. On our way out of town we went to the Buttermilks to introduce Tommy to world class bouldering. He liked it and has vowed to come back when he is a better climber.

Then we were off to Death Valley. We opted to stay in panamint springs (elevation 1200 ft). The temp was 107F when we setup our tents, and cooled to 85F by the time we got up at dawn. We wouldn't change a thing.

While in the park we visited the dunes in the evening (115F) and the rest the next day. The park is an place! In a period of 48 hours we were at 11,000 ft and -282. Pretty darn cool. From Death Valley we headed to LV by driving north and by the nevada test site.

Our last night was on the strip, kids weren't that impressed. I guess natural wonders beat man made wonders.

They have just moved our gate, again, gotta go...

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Back on the Grid!

Greetings from the east side (of the Sierra's that is)!

After four days off the grid (and without showers), we got back to the electronic world last night.

To give you a quick update from when I lasted posted, we have:
  • had a backyard BBQ with old friends,
  • visited the Wine Mecca of the West (Napa of course),
  • watched California's Old Faithful spout,
  • hiked/biked/and toured the valleys, groves, and high country of Yosemite
  • visited the real ghost town of Bodie (as a young girl's diary described it..Dear God goodbye...I'm going to Bodie)
  • Watched Tommy eat alkaline fly larvae at Mono Lake
  • Sat atop Mammoth Mountain at an elevation of 11,035 feet above sea level, and last but not least
  • visited Devil's Post Piles.
With only three days until we back home (68 hours really), we still have a few more places to go... next stop Death Valley and maybe a laundry room.
A beautiful day in Napa

Heading into Yosemite

South Shore of Mirror Lake

Atop Mammoth Mountain

 Until the next post...

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A day at the Bay...

A great day in SF with Joyce and Jon...even made it to Muir Woods

When you see Tommy, you will have to ask him about the "gold man".  It is quite an entertaining story...h


Monday, August 29, 2011

Thinking of those back home

While are having a wonderful trip, we are thinking of our friends and family back East.  We are hoping that everyone is okay and that they haven't suffered any damage.

Friday, August 26, 2011

As one part ends...

Good Morning California!

To say that yesterday was packed full of adventure is an understatement.  The day started off with a visit to Jorge and Billy's office.  Followed by a hike up the local mountain, Jorge style.  Victoria and I didn't make the epic climb, but we did make it to inspiration point (aptly named), while Dan, Tommy and Jorge headed up their own rocky trail.  After our sojourn into the arid moutains surrounding SB, Victoria and Tommy were taught how to surf (wet suits and all) by Billy and Jorge.  Dan and I watched in awe as Tommy stood and rode his wave into the shore, and as Victoria (who got beat up by a couple of waves) climbed back on and went on to master getting up on her knees (the pre-req to standing).  If this wasn't enough of an adventure, Billy, Sandra, and Jorge took us to a local surf shop (Channel Island) where we sat on the back patio eating tacos and watched the world premiere of a new surfing movie under the stars.  Wow is all I can say....

Unfortunately, all good things do come to an end and today we very sadly say good bye to the Southern and Central Coast of CA and head north to San Francisco.  Over the last 4 and a half days, we have crossed the Mojave, swam in Malibu, walked where the stars go to receive their accolades, played in a mountain stream, surfed where many only dream of surfing, and most importantly... spent time with very dear friends, family really.  We are an extremely lucky family.  

BUT WAIT...The adventure continues...Hello San Fransico and more great friends and family!!!  Yeah baby.. we are lovin' California...